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Journey on the Mayflower: A First Thanksgiving Activity

With text, video, and images, Scholastic's interactive map shares the Pilgrim's perilous journey across the Atlantic to the New World.


3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities

Part of Scholastic’s First Thanksgiving project, the “Journey on the Mayflower” (grades 3–8) activity offers students an interactive map that illustrates the Pilgrim’s journey across the Atlantic to the New World in 1620.


Students can follow their path, clicking for text, images, and videos that share details about the dangerous journey from start to finish. Students can also compare the original route to Virginia with the actual route to Plimouth.   


Learning Objectives

While participating in the Journey on the Mayflower activity, students learn to:

  • Use technology tools to access, explore, and synthesize information about the Mayflower.
  • Develop an understanding of why Pilgrims moved to the New World
  • Read for detail
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