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"It’s Greek to Me" Word Roots Game: A Go for the Gold Activity

Only the strong (and smart!) win in these Olympic Game competitions, where students learn — and are tested on — Greek prefixes and roots.


3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Games

In the It’s Greek to Me learning activity, part of Scholastic’s Go for the Gold project, students “compete” in the Olympic Games. First, they choose an event – Archery (easier) or Discus Throwing (harder). In each round, they learn the meaning of Greek prefixes and roots. Applying these Greek basics to English words, students answer multiple-choice questions to earn points and make it into the winner’s circle!


Sample Question from Archery (Easier):

Phon- or -Phony means sound in Greek

What does “Cacophony” mean?

  • The trumpet section of an orchestra
  • A melody of sounds
  • Clashing and harsh sounds


Sample Question from Discus Throwing (Harder):

Logo- means reason in Greek

What does “Logistic” mean?

  • Relating to orthodox beliefs
  • Pertaining to superstitions
  • Pertaining to a system of reasoning



Learning Objective

While participating in the It’s Greek to Me” activity, students will build vocabulary skills.

Susan Cheyney

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