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Interview Ben Franklin

In this online activity that boosts reading and writing skills, students interview Ben Franklin as reporters for Scholastic News.


3–5, 6–8

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  • Activities and Games

The Scholastic Interview Ben Franklin activity brings Ben Franklin into the 21st century via a time machine! Students don the caps of Scholastic News reporters and "interview" one of the greatest inventors in history.

First, students select one of three skill levels. Then they must choose from a list of questions to pose to Ben Franklin. With the help of video (and accompanying text), Franklin answers the students' questions. Finally, students must write their story by selecting two already-composed paragraphs to include in their story. Then they must write the lead paragraph, pick a photo, and write a caption. Students can review their final story in the Scholastic News and print it — or conduct another interview.

Susan Cheyney

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