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Hurricanes: A Severe Weather and Natural Disasters Activity

Scholastic's online activity brings students face-to-face with hurricanes, sharing how they're formed, measured, located, and much more.


3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities

Hurricanes, part of the Weather Watch: Severe Weather and Natural Disasters series, offers students a comprehensive look at these swirling, dangerous storms. Scholastic’s engaging interactive activities include:

  • The Basics: Students read a brief definition of hurricanes and learn what causes them.
  • In Depth: This three-page reading activity — including images, text, and charts — covers the following topics:
    • What does a hurricane look like?
    • What makes a hurricane?
    • How do they determine the "category"?
    • How do they name the hurricane?
    • When will they stop?
  • Experiments: Students learn how to use a hurricane tracking map.
  • Witness Account: Kaleatha Vines shares the terrifying story of seeing her home destroyed, her town in chaos, and her best friend missing after Hurricane Floyd hit North Carolina in 1999.
  • Words to Know: This interactive activity tests students’ know-how. They read an article on hurricanes and fill in missing key words to complete sentences.
  • Experts Say: Weather expert Michael Wyllie shares how strong hurricanes can grow, how he tracks them, why he finds them so fascinating, and more.
  • Be Ready!: Students can click around an interactive image to learn about hurricane safety.
  • Quiz Challenge: This 10-question, multiple-choice quiz tests challenges students on what they’ve learned.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Formulate questions to help guide their own learning
  • Gain knowledge of weather terms and their appropriate usage
  • Use observation skills to determine current weather conditions
  • Gather data from several sources
  • Forecast probable weather conditions after analyzing available data
  • Complete a research project on a topic of their choice

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