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Harriet Tubman Web Hunt: An Underground Railroad Activity

Students meet the most famous conductor of the Underground Railroad and explore websites about her to answer a set of questions.


3–5, 6–8, 9–12

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  • Activities and Games

In the Harriet Tubman Web Hunt (grades 4-12) online activity, students “meet” the famous abolitionist and explore Web sites to answer questions about her, testing their reading and research skills.

Students use this Web Hunt Question Sheet (PDF) to keep track of what they learn about Harriet Tubman.

The seven questions include the following and more:

  • What were some of the reasons that Harriet Tubman’s rescues were so successful?
  • How did she discourage slaves who wanted to turn back?
  • How did Harriet Tubman help the Union during the Civil War?
  • After the Civil War, how did Harriet Tubman continue to fight for justice and help those in need?


This activity is part of Scholastic’s “The Underground Railroad: Escape From Slavery.”

Susan Cheyney

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