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Go for the Gold: An Olympic Activity

Scholastic brings the thrill of the Olympic Games to students, who will learn everything from its ancient history to Greek root words.


3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Activities and Games

"Go for the Gold!" offers a look into the Olympic Games from its past in ancient Greece to the present-day international event. Students will take on several roles throughout the project from an athlete to a journalist. Each learning activity focuses students on different aspects of the games from Greek root words to current events and allows them to practice different skill sets, from writing to oral presentations.

  • With an article on the History of the Games — combined with an interactive, visual slideshow — students gather thorough knowledge of the Olympic Games.
  • In My Backyard shares how the location of each Olympic's is chosen. Then, students choose an argument for why their hometown should be the site of the next Olympic Games. Students learn how to support the argument, and write and present a speech.
  • In Get in the Game, students can play "It’s Greek to Me," which teaches Greek prefixes and roots. Or, they can Be a Reporter, writing headlines, bylines, and even captions to create a printable newspaper article. Lastly, they can create inspirational Olympic Spirit Postcards to send to a parent, friend, or even Olympic athlete!


Learning Objectives

Scholastic's Online Activities are designed to support the teaching of standards-based skills. While participating in the Olympic Games project, students become proficient with several of these skills.

  • Use Web technology to learn about ancient Greece and the Olympic Games
  • Build vocabulary skills
  • Explore the history of the Olympic Games
  • Make connections between Greek and English
  • Make and record a persuasive speech
  • Write a newspaper article on the 2004 Olympics
  • Create connections between the 2004 Olympics and past Olympic Games
  • Understand the contributions of ancient Greece to today's world


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