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The Flight of Amelia Earhart

Students will learn about American hero Amelia Earhart's short but incredible life by following a timeline and writing a news story.


3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities

Set against the backdrop of fascinating but volatile world events, "The Flight of Amelia Earhart" provides a unique opportunity for students (grades 4–8) to study the enduring legacy of an American hero.

  • The World of Amelia Earhart Timeline combines important events from her life with major world events of the time, offering a historical context for young readers.
  • In Meet a Pioneer Pilot, students meet Sylvia Barter, a female trailblazer and contemporary of Amelia's, and learn about the challenges women faced in the early part of the 20th century.
  • Finally, the Write a News Story writing activity allows students to demonstrate their grasp of the historical content by writing an article for The Earhart Gazette.


Learning Objectives

While participating in "The Flight of Amelia Earhart" project, students become proficient with several standards-based skills. Students will:

  • Identify character traits that fulfill personal goals
  • Use technology to research the life and accomplishments of an important American figure
  • Use technology to tour Web sites about significant global events from early 20th-century history
  • Compare and contrast the accomplishments of two notable women
  • Write a news account of an American hero based on biographical information

This activity is also a part of the  Women Who Changed History student activity.

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