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Exploring Everyday Folklore with Nina Jaffe: A Writing with Writers Activity

In this online workshop, students explore the various kinds of folklore and write their own folktale with help from a renowned author.


1–2, 3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Writing Activities

Scholastic’s Exploring Everyday Folklore with Nina Jaffeonline activity (grades 1–8) introduces students to the many different kinds of folklore, from games to proverbs, songs to stories. Nina Jaffe, author of Tales of the Seventh Day and other folktale books, shares tips for researching, recording, and creating folklore from our own lives. This workshop includes:


Step 1: What is Folklore?

Students explore the various types of folklore, including oral folklore (songs, lullabies, poetry), material (special kinds of jewelry, home decorations), and behavioral (special customs and rituals).


Step 2: Finding Folklore

Students learn the three categories that define places and groups where you can look for different types of folklore. Children Lore, Family Lore, and Community Lore.


Step 3: Your Folklore

The author shares tips for coming up with a folklore idea, and a checklist of what to include in the final written work of folklore.


Step 4: Publish Online

Here, students can publish their work online when they’re finished writing and revising!



Learning Objectives


While participating in the Exploring Everyday Folklore with Nina Jaffe,” students will:

  • Follow the writing process to create original writing.
  • Use web technology to post original writing online.
  • Understand how to review and revise their own writing.
  • Learn to think critically and objectively about their reading.
  • Learn to review and revise their own writing.
  • Produce written work to show evidence of knowledge of the different genres.



Susan Cheyney

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