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Explore Asian Immigration: An Asian Pacific American Heritage Activity

With this interactive map, students learn fascinating statistics on Asian immigrants — when and where they settled in the U.S., and more.


3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Activities and Games

In Scholastic’s Explore Asian Immigration learning activity (grades 3–7), students can click around an interactive map of Asia to learn how many immigrants came to the United States from a specific country. They’ll also discover the U.S. states where most of the immigrants settled, and what were the peak immigration years from that country.

This activity, part of Scholastic’s Asian Pacific American Heritage project, is a great way to show students that there are distinctions between the terms "Asian American" and "Indian American" or "Korean American." It is also a good way to bring math and statistics into your social studies curriculum.



Learning Objectives

While participating in the “Explore Asian Immigration” activity, students will:

  • Use Web technology to access American history and the Asian-American experience.
  • Investigate immigration date, numbers, and patterns of Asians coming to the United States.




Susan Cheyney

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