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Edit Dan's Copy: A Maggie's Earth Adventures Activity

Students help Dan edit his news report by fixing his mistakes, including capital letters, final punctuation, run-on sentences, and more.


1–2, 3–5

Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities

In Scholastic's Edit Dan's Copy online learning activity, one of Maggie's Earth Adventures, students help Dan edit his news report by retyping sentences correctly on a virtual typewriter. They can select Level 1 for capital letters and final punctuation, or pick Level 2 for run-on sentences, quotation marks, and apostrophes.

Sample Sentence: Level 1

maggie and dude went on an african adventure

Sample Sentence: Level 2

Maggie would like you to visit her Whats New section

Learning Objectives

While participating in the Edit Dan's Copy activity, students become proficient with several of these skills.

  • Use web technology to practice grammar skills
  • Improve grammar skills within different skill sets
  • Track progress on different skill sets

Susan Cheyney

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