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Ecosystems: 11 StudyJams! Interactive Science Activities

Introduce and reinforce 11 important ecosystem-related topics, including food webs, symbiosis, and the water cycle, through these fun interactive activities


3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Interactive Whiteboard Activities


Look outside your window. Ever wonder how all those things live and grow together in one place? That is an ecosystem, and it is a pretty amazing thing.

Aquatic Ecosystems

There is a whole new world in the water, and we are here to learn all about it. Join us for a trip into the aquatic ecosystems!

Changes in Ecosystems

Things change, even in ecosystems. Over hundreds and thousands of years, those changes can really add up!


Ecosystems can get really big, and when they do, they are called biomes. Which biome do you live in?

Food Chains

How does a snail get its food? How about a tree? Find out all about the food chain, and you will know!

Food Webs

Did you know that organisms can be part of more than one food chain? It can get pretty complicated. That is where the food web comes in handy.


Sometimes you just need a little help from a friend. That is what symbiosis is all about. Even plants and animals depend on each other from time to time.

Population Growth

Population is not just for people. Plants and animals have populations, too! Limiting factors in an environment make sure the population does not get out of control.

The Water Cycle

You probably see rain or snow all the time, but do you know how water gets back up into the sky? The water cycle makes sure water gets where it needs to go.

The Carbon Cycle

Carbon is found in every living thing. Seriously! Did you ever wonder how it gets there?

The Nitrogen Cycle

Every living thing needs nitrogen, but it is not so easy to get. Thanks to some helpful bacteria, though, plants and animals are able to get the nitrogen they need to survive.



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