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Dinosaur Cove: A Stacks Activity

Fans of the Dinosaur Cove series will love Scholastic’s related online activities, including a fossil hunting activity, dinofacts, and more.



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  • Activities and Games

Ever loved a book and wanted more? Scholastic’s Dinosaur Cove online activities give fans more of their favorite characters – and dinosaurs. Students can explore:

  • The Dinosaur Cove series. Clicking on each book cover reveals a “sneak peek” excerpt
  • A Fact File, featuring basic stats and information on characters Jamie, Tom, and four dinosaurs
  • Dino Facts, including what “dinosaur” really means and when the oldest dinosaurs roamed the earth
  • Fun Stuff, including posters students can print out, a door hanger they can design and print, and Dinosaur Cove computer wallpaper.
  • Fossil Hunting Game that lets students hammer rocks while searching for everything from Triceratops foot bones to T-Rex teeth
  • An interactive map that students can click around for information on characters and landmarks incorporated in the books

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