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Dino Don's Dinosaur Quiz: A Dinosaurs! Activity

Students can find out how “dinosaur smart” they are with this 10-question multiple-choice quiz, hosted by dino expert Don Lessem.



Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities
  • Interactive Whiteboard Activities

Students choose answers to this multiple-choice quiz on everything from which was the smartest dinosaur to which was the largest known “raptor” dinosaur. After each question is answered, students learn if they guessed correctly and can read a brief synopsis on the subject.

Dino Don’s Dinosaur Quiz (grades 3–5) is a great way to test students’ overall comprehension of the Dinosaurs! student activity.


Learning Objectives

While taking Dino Don’s Dinosaur Quiz, students will:

  • Use technology as a mode of inquiry to access information from experts
  • Use technology to gain a basic understanding of dinosaur characteristics
  • Improve content-area reading skills, such as reading for detail

Susan Cheyney

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