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Clifford's Big Dig: A Clifford Interactive Storybook Activity

In this engaging interactive storybook, young students practice distinguishing between easily-confused letter pairs, like b and d.


PreK–K, 1–2

Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities
  • Interactive Whiteboard Activities

In the Clifford’s Big Dig! Interactive Storybook (K–1), early readers follow the lovable red dog as he searches for various objects. The storybook challenges students to practice distinguishing between pairs of similar-looking lowercase letters, such as b and d, p and b, m and w, n and m.

In each page, students choose a word (from three options) to complete a sentence and then listen to the page read aloud with the new sentence. The illustration also changes to reflect the new word and sentence.


Sample page:


Clifford digs and digs and digs!

It looks big. It looks yellow.

Wow! It’s a big yellow ______. “


Students choose from: bug, bus, dish


Learning Objectives

While participating in the Clifford’s Big Dig activity, students will:

  • Develop phonemic awareness skills
  • Read stories containing high-frequency words
  • Interact with the computer to create new text
  • Understand that changing one word in a sentence can change the meaning of the entire sentence


Susan Cheyney

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