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Clean Up Your Grammar: A Maggie's Earth Adventures Activity

In this fun online learning activity, students clean up a beach by putting "litter" (words) into the right noun or verb recycle bin.



Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities

Scholastic's Clean Up Your Grammar learning activity, one of Maggie's Earth Adventures, tests students on their nouns and verbs. Students recycle 10 pieces of trash that wash up on shore. Each piece has a noun or verb on it. Students click and drag each piece into the correct noun or verb recycle bin. If they make mistakes, the beach becomes dirty with litter. Students can choose Level 1 or Level 2.

Sample Words: Level 1

  • sing – noun or verb?
  • farmer – noun or verb?
  • talks – noun or verb?

Sample Words: Level 2

  • was – noun or verb?
  • weigh – noun or verb?
  • weight – noun or verb?

Students can also play this game Spanish.

Learning Objectives

While participating in the Clean Up Your Grammar activity, students become proficient with several of these skills.

  • Use web technology to practice grammar skills
  • Improve grammar skills within different skill sets
  • Track progress on different skill sets

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