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Charlotte's Web: A Flashlight Readers Activity

With engaging graphics and activities, this interactive hub gives fans of the classic book Charlotte's Web more of their favorite read.



Activity Type

  • Interactive Whiteboard Activities
  • Book Resources

The Explore Charlotte's Web Flashlight Readers activity gives fans of the classic book more of the story and characters they love.

Students can:

Learning Objectives

While participating in the Flashlight Readers activities students will:

  • Offer observations, make connections, react, speculate, interpret, and raise questions in response to text
  • Identify and discuss book themes, characters, plots, and settings
  • Connect their experiences with those of the author and/or with characters from the books
  • Support predictions, interpretations, conclusions, etc. with examples from text
  • Practice key reading skills and strategies (cause-and-effect, problem/solution, compare-and-contrast, summarizing, etc.)
  • Monitor their own comprehension

Susan Cheyney

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