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Build a Dinosaur: A Dinosaurs! Activity

Students get acquainted with dinosaur anatomy while assembling dinosaurs from parts that scientists have found on a virtual “dig.”


PreK–K, 1–2

Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities
  • Interactive Whiteboard Activities

As part of Scholastic’s Dinosaurs! online learning activity, students can familiarize themselves with dinosaur anatomy by taking part in an interactive dinosaur-assembly activity.

With Build a Dinosaur (grades K–2), students learn dinosaur facts and create six different types of dinosaurs from their component parts: head, body, tail, and legs. They can also create an imaginary dinosaur of their own.


Learning Objectives

While participating in Build a Dinosaur!, students will:

  • Use technology to gain a basic understanding of dinosaur characteristics
  • Understand how the study of dinosaurs informs scientific knowledge
  • Improve content-area reading skills, such as reading for detail

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