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Because of Winn-Dixie: A Flashlight Readers Activity

This fun, visually appealing online hub brings the book to life with Because of Winn-Dixie–related activities and exclusive content about the author.



Activity Type

  • Interactive Whiteboard Activities
  • Book Resources

The “Explore Winn-Dixie” interactive hub, part of the Flashlight Readers experience, lets Because of Winn-Dixie fans go inside their favorite read!

Students can:

  • Create Scrapbook pages featuring their favorite characters from the book. 
  • Play Stump the Dump Maze Game, where they answer questions about the book to help Winn-Dixie move through a maze.
  • Use words and pictures from the Flash Board to post a message for other Flashlight readers.
  • Act out the “Winn-Dixie: A Play” with friends, or alone.
  • See and hear exactly how the author changed the beginning of her story over the course of five drafts (available in PDF form) in See the Story Grow.
  • Read “About Kate DiCamillo,” where the author talks about dressing up her dog, becoming a writer, and why she wrote her first book, Because of Winn-Dixie.
  • Read “Kate DiCamillo on Writing”
  • Watch our Kate DiCamillo Video
  • Find out Kate DiCamillo’s Favorite Books
  • Browse a Movie Slideshow of images from the film based on the book
  • Get a list of recommended reads with Books for Winn-Dixie Fans

Learning Objectives

While participating in “Flashlight Readers,” students will:

  • Offer observations, make connections, react, speculate, interpret, and raise questions in response to text
  • Identify and discuss book themes, characters, plots, and settings
  • Connect their experiences with those of the author and/or with characters from the books
  • Support predictions, interpretations, conclusions, etc. with examples from text
  • Practice key reading skills and strategies (cause-and-effect, problem/solution, compare-and-contrast, summarizing, etc.)
  • Monitor their own comprehension


Benchmarks for Because of Winn-Dixie Lesson Plans

Language Arts Standards (4th Ed.)

Lesson 1: Because of Winn-Dixie Scrapbook Lesson Plan

  • Understands elements of character development in literary works (e.g., differences between main and minor characters; stereotypical characters as opposed to fully developed characters; changes that characters undergo; the importance of a character's actions, motives, and appearance to plot and theme)
  • Makes connections between characters or simple events in a literary work and people or events in his or her own life

Lesson 2: Stump the Dump Maze Game Lesson Plan

  • Understands the basic concept of plot (e.g., main problem, conflict, resolution, cause-and-effect)
  • Applies basic trouble shooting and problem-solving techniques

Lesson 3: About the Author: Kate DiCamillo Lesson Plan

  • Drafting and revising: uses strategies to draft and revise written work (e.g., elaborates on a central idea; writes with attention to audience, word choice, sentence variation; uses paragraphs to develop separate ideas; produces multiple drafts)
  • Evaluates own and others' writing (e.g., determines the best features of a piece of writing, determines how own writing achieves its purposes, asks for feedback, responds to classmates' writing)
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