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Asian Pacific American Heritage

A comprehensive online activity that explores the history and culture of Asian Americans, including true immigration stories.


1–2, 3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities

In this activity, students discover the plights and accomplishments of one of the largest immigrant groups in the United States. 

  • In Angel Island (grades 4–8), one woman relives her childhood journey of immigration from her small village in China to Oakland, CA, in 1933.
  • In Japanese Americans: The War at Home (grades 4–8), students meet Norman Mineta, U.S. Secretary of Transportation and former U.S. Secretary of Commerce under President Clinton, who shares his boyhood experience as a victim of forced relocation during WWII.
  • Students read 10 biographies of Notable Asian Americans (grades 3–6) and can continue their research by clicking on related links.
  • By clicking on a map of Asia, students learn Asian American Statistics (grades 3–7), a great way to introduce math and to show students there are distinctions between "Asian American" and "Indian American" or "Korean American."
  • Research Starter: Confucianism (grades 5–8), featuring related vocabulary, articles, and recommended research topics, introduces students to a major Asian religion. 
  • Young students can study Asian culture by learning about zodiac signs, sun kites, and calligraphy with these Printable Activities (grades K–2). 

Learning Objectives

“Asian Pacific American Culture” is designed to support the teaching of standards-based skills. While participating in this project, students will:

  • Use Web technology to access American history and the Asian-American experience
  • Relive the Asian-American experience through firsthand accounts and biographies
  • Evaluate journals as historical artifacts, especially the concept of firsthand account vs. history text
  • Study Asian culture by completing an arts and craft activity that connects students, hands-on to the culture of a different country
  • Investigate immigration date, numbers, and patterns of Asians coming to the United States
  • Discuss Asian American writing with author interviews

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