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Asian Culture Arts & Crafts: An Asian American Heritage Activity

Students study Asian culture by learning about zodiac signs, sun kites, and calligraphy with these fun, printable activities.


PreK–K, 1–2

Activity Type

  • Activities and Games

As part of the Asian Pacific American Heritage project, these Printable Activities give young students a chance to do hands-on activities that help them learn about Asian culture.

  • Students find their zodiac sign, then print, color it, and make it into a Zodiac Necklace (grades K–2).
  • Students are introduced to calligraphy, and can try try out their skills by making a Calligraphy Minibook (grades K–2) of Japanese numbers from one to ten.
  • After being introduced to the history of kites, students can make their own sun kites (grades K–2).

Susan Cheyney

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