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The Anasazi and Pueblo Indians: A Research Starters Activity

The perfect starting point for students writing about Anasazi and Pueblo Indians, Scholastic offers all the resources and ideas they need.


6–8, 9–12

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  • Activities and Games

Created with Grolier Online, Scholastic’sResearch Starters: The Anasazi and Pueblo Indians offers students a jump-start on their research papers about these Native American cultures.

In addition to a brief introduction, students will find a glossary of terms to know, and links to 12 Scholastic reading activities on related subjects, from the Natural Bridges National Monument to Kivas (sacred ceremonial chambers of present-day Pueblo Indians).

Plus, Scholastic culled the Web and tracked down 32 helpful, interesting sites related to Native Americans, including:

Native American Home Pages: Award-winning database of Native American Web resources covering individual nations, organizations, colleges, arts, languages, native businesses, and more. Maintained by Lisa A. Mitten, bibliographer at the Univ. of Pittsburgh.

National Museum of the American Indian: This Smithsonian Institution site contains information about the museum's exhibitions and research as well as an annotated listing of other Native American sites on the Internet.

Collapse — Why Do Civilizations Fall?: This Web site, from the Annenberg/CPB Project, presents theories and methods used by archaeologists to study the decline of societies. A journal allows users to record clues and reach conclusions regarding the collapse of individual civilizations.

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