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Analyze: A Weather Watch Activity

In this unique learning activity, students examine maps of extreme weather paths and prepare their own forecasts — just like meteorologists!


3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities

In the Analyze activity, part of Scholastic’s Weather Watch series, students review maps of the paths of hurricanes, tornadoes, winter storms, and droughts. Then, they write up answers to Scholastic’s questions, creating their own weather reports for today’s news update!

  • Hurricane: After reviewing the paths of six hurricanes, students answer questions such as: Which part of the United States is most likely to experience a hurricane? Name three states that won't experience hurricanes.
  • Tornado: Students review the map, then write answers to: How many tornados can you count on today's weather map? Name states the tornadoes are in. Which geographic region is experiencing the most tornado activity.
  • Winter Storm: What part of the country is snowiest? Which states might get snow? And which two states have the highest probability of snowfall? Students write up the answers after studying our map.
  • Drought: After reviewing drought conditions throughout the U.S., students answer questions, such as: In which part of the United States are conditions most drought-like? Name three states with exceptional drought.

Learning Objectives

While participating in Weather Watch’s Analyze activity, students will:

  • Formulate questions to help guide their own learning
  • Gain knowledge of weather terms and their appropriate usage
  • Use observation skills to determine current weather conditions
  • Gather data from several sources
  • Forecast probable weather conditions after analyzing available data

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