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Alabama and Civil Rights in the 1960s: A Research Starters Activity

A great starting point for students writing about this volatile time and place, Scholastic shares all the resources, tips, and ideas they need.


6–8, 9–12

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  • Activities and Games

Created with Grolier Online, Scholastic’s Research Starters: Alabama and Civil Rights in the 1960sworkshop helps students writing research papers on the subject find what they need, fast.

Students can browse a world of information, starting with an introduction on race relations in Alabama during the civil rights movement. Links to activities include articles on Jim Crow laws, African American history, Brown v. Board of Education, among many others. This activity also features a glossary of related terms, and poses questions to students, to get them thinking about the various topics they could explore.

Finally, Scholastic culled the Web to find the most interesting, helpful sites on Alabama and Civil Rights movement. Students can explore our list of 17 great sites, including:

Martin Luther King, Jr. World Wide Web Site: An extremely informative and interesting site with extensive information about Dr. King, his accomplishments, and his legacy. Also provides very good direction for further study.

Civil Rights and Discrimination: Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute provides primary and secondary materials relating to civil rights and constitutional law.

African American Web Connection: The African American Web Connection provides a good categorical directory and guide to many information resources related to African American life.

Susan Cheyney

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