[ Educators & the Importance
of Reading

Whether at home or in school, both teachers and principals believe in the power of reading in support of students.

Teachers, especially those who teach literacy/reading, employ many strategies to promote literacy among students, with a focus on talking about books and the importance of reading. Principals are just as likely as teachers to also engage in literacy by talking with students about the importance of reading, the books students read and encouraging use of the school library.

To support literacy outside of school, teachers and principals encourage summer reading, talk with families about the importance of reading and make books available to take home during the school year.

Strategies used by teachers and principals to encourage reading in school differ by grade level.

Strategies that are used to make the home-to-school connection around literacy also differ by grade.

In high-poverty schools, teachers and principals are more likely than educators in low-poverty schools to engage in activities to promote reading among students.

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