ACTIVITY 2: Reach for Something BIG

Objectives: Students will:
• Recognize the connection between interests, skills, and careers
• Conduct a research/writing project

Student Reproducible A
Student Reproducible B
Classroom Poster

1. Share with students that many people have careers that let them do things they love and use skills they learned at school.

2. Ask students to share their favorite interests. Give examples that connect interests and careers, such as, If you love playing computer games, you might want to become an app creator who makes games for people to play.

3. Direct students to think about strengths and skills they have (reading, writing, drawing, problem-solving, sharing, etc.). Give examples of how professionals use these skills in their work. For example, a journalist would use writing and listening skills to help report the news.

4. Distribute copies of the two Reach for Something BIG notebook pages (Student Reproducibles A and B ) and show students how to cut the pages in half and staple them to create a booklet. Highlight the way the research organizer helps collect the details students will need when writing a short report about the career they have chosen.

5. Disseminate appropriate resources for student research (Internet access, encyclopedias, beginner dictionaries, books about careers, etc.). Allow students time to conduct their research and compose their short report.

6. Wrap Up: Once students have completed their research and writing, divide the class into small groups to share their findings.

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