About the Program

●  What It Is

○  A fully funded, school-wide program presented by James Patterson and Scholastic Book Clubs designed to partner with teachers in high Title 1 schools. Together, we empower students to choose and own books that they want to read.

●  How It Works

○  Every student in participating United States of Readers schools choose books from curated book flyers. Teachers submit student orders, and the whole school can celebrate when the Book Boxes arrive! By the end of the school year, each student will own ten new books at no cost to the schools, teachers, or families.


●  How to Join 

○  If your school is interested in joining the United States of Readers program in the 2023–2024 school year, please fill out and submit this application

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the United States of Readers?

The United States of Readers is a version of Scholastic Book Clubs that is administered by teachers and, for the 2022–2023 school year, is being entirely funded through our partnership with James Patterson.


The program empowers every student in participating Title 1 schools to choose and own books from book flyers curated by Scholastic Book Clubs. Flyers are distributed five times a year; each student selects two books, totaling ten books of their choice by the end of the school year.


Teachers also receive new books for their classroom libraries, along with resources throughout the school year to share with their students and families to encourage reading in the classroom, home, and community.


Can you tell me how the books were selected?

Every effort was made by editors at Scholastic Book Clubs to create flyers that get kids excited about reading. Books are age-appropriate, inclusive, and representative of the classrooms we reach. Additionally, every flyer includes at least one bilingual title.


I am a United States of Readers teacher. What can I tell my students’ caregivers about the program? 

Thank you for helping to bridge the school-home connection with students’ book choices! You can share the following letters with them:

1.    About the United States of Readers (from teacher)

2.    About the United States of Readers (from principal)


How can my school join the United States of Readers?

If you’re interested in joining the United States of Readers program for the 2023–2024 school year, please fill out this application.


I submitted my application for the 2023–2024 year. What are my next steps?

Great! Please be on the lookout for an email; contact UnitedStatesOfReaders@scholastic.com if you have any additional questions. We will begin reviewing applications in August 2022. 


My Teacher Account

How do I get started with the United States of Readers?

To register for the United States of Readers, all teachers from new and returning schools must visit scholastic.com/UnitedStatesOfReaders and click “Start Ordering Now.” Enter your school email address and one-time access code that you received from your point person.


Help, I forgot my password!

Not to worry! Please follow the prompts on the sign-in module to retrieve your password. If you have any questions when resetting your password, please contact 1-833-873-USOR (1-833-873-8767) and identify yourself as a United States of Readers teacher so that we can connect you with a program specialist.


I forgot my school access code.

No problem! For questions about your one-time school access code, please contact your point person.

Submitting Student Orders

How do I place a United States of Readers class order?

You can watch this video to learn how to place a class order. If you have any questions, please contact 1-833-873-USOR (1-833-873-8767) and identify yourself as a United States of Readers teacher so that we can connect you with a program specialist. 


How do I edit or review student orders?

You can edit or review student orders until each cycle’s due date, which is shared via email and also found here. On the Student Order page, you will see your class order organized by each student and their book selections. Click the trash icon to remove a book, and then add the title that you’d like to replace it with.


How do I know which flyer code to use when placing student orders?

You can find your flyer code in two places: at the top-right corner of the teacher note that arrives with your book flyers and on the back of the student forms where students write in their book choices.


Can you share a digital version of the book flyer with me?

Absolutely! Here are downloadable PDFs for Spring 2023:



     Grades K–1

     Grades 2–3

     Grades 4–5

     Grades 6+



Where can I find more information about each title offered?

Book notes are available for each title offered in the United States of Readers flyers. Download Spring book notes here.

How do I submit the books my students selected?

Teachers will receive an email inviting them to place their class orders.


Ordering deadlines: Teachers must submit student orders by the due dates shared via email. You can plan ahead by reviewing this school year’s order deadlines here.


How do I know that I successfully placed my class order? 

You will see a pop-up on the screen when you hit the SUBMIT button. All submitted orders will be processed on the due date. You will receive an order confirmation email when your class order is processed and packed by our warehouse team. If you do not receive this email or are experiencing difficulty placing your class order, please contact UnitedStatesOfReaders@scholastic.com.

Book Box Delivery

Where do my books ship?

Book Boxes are shipped to your school. Boxes will be addressed to individual teachers so that it’s easy to distribute students’ books!


When will my students receive their books?

All of your students will receive their books at the same time, about two weeks following the order due date.


Please keep an eye out for multiple Book Boxes—since every student gets to participate, sometimes more than one Book Box is needed to safely package your class order. In the event of back-ordered or out-of-stock items, books will be shipped separately.


Teacher Tip: Since every student gets to choose two books, this is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the joy of books and reading with your whole class! 


Can my class track our Book Box?

Absolutely! You will automatically receive tracking information via email as soon as it’s available. Please hang on to your shipping confirmation email for reference.


Returns, Requests, and Missing Items

We have a “Happy Book Guarantee” policy. If you need a replacement book due to damage or for any other reason (including child interest), please contact 1-833-873-USOR (1-833-873-8767).


If your shipment is missing books, flyers, or other program materials, please call 1-833-873-USOR (1-833-873-8767) so that we can get you everything you need.