Back-to-School Hub 2023-2024

Discover programs and products for your district, school, or classroom and browse essential books and resources at our back-to-school shop.

Digital Support Center

Our Digital Success Center helps you get your Scholastic digital programs up and running with ease and efficiency. Select your role and then select your digital resource to quickly find everything you need to successfully onboard, roster, and implement your programs.

Back-to-School Catalog

Whether you’re looking for literacy curriculums, classroom libraries, SEL programs, or interventions for striving readers, we can help you customize a blended solution that meets your needs.

Back-to-School Resources to Accelerate Learning

Learn how to support students’ social and emotional needs, strengthen family and community engagement, and discover best practices for applying the Science of Reading this back-to-school season.

New SEL Strategies

Family Engagement Tips

Science of Reading 101