Thanksgiving Lesson Plans And Teaching Extensions
Readers Theater and More
Thanksgiving Reader's Theater
First, prepare your class by using interviews with 17th century characters to spark discussion. Then, stage your own classroom performance with a simple script.
Lesson Plans: K – 2
Lesson Plans: PreK–2
Compare and contrast cultures, use technology tools, and create personal timelines!
Lesson Plans: 3 – 5
Lesson Plans: 3–5
Speak with Pilgrims, discover Wampanoag culture, and interactively explore the Mayflower.
Lesson Plans: 6 – 8
Lesson Plans: 6–8
Access, explore, and synthesize information on colonial life, Wampanoag culture, and the first Thanksgiving.
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Video, Photo, and Audio Resources
Multimedia Resources
Plimoth Plantation Interviews
From picturesque Plimoth Plantation, a host of characters breathe life into the story of daily life for the settlers.
Slide Show
English Village Slideshow
Explore Plimoth Plantation with your class!
Historical Letters
Letters From the New World
Read letters from a Pilgrim girl and a Wampanoag boy and listen as audio brings their stories to life.
Teachers’ best bulletin board and classroom display ideas
Dear America
Explore the interactive scrapbook of young Mayflower passenger Patience Whipple.
More Interactive Resources
Thanksgiving Books
The Teacher Store
The Teacher Store
Find old favorites and new titles for every grade level at The Teacher Store.
Scholastic Reading Club Thanksgiving Books
Scholastic Book Clubs
Celebrate Thanksgiving with books from Scholastic Book Clubs.
More Thanksgiving Books
Celebrate Thanksgiving
A successful teacher maintains control over the classroom environment while promoting student involvement
Ideas and Crafts
Choose from 20 participatory projects to engage students and bring the values and history of Thanksgiving to your classroom.
Engaging Students From Day One
Thanksgiving Printables
Get free printables, bulletin boards, and crafts from Scholastic Teachables.
Bulletin Board
A Feast of Clip Art
Brighten your walls with this festive clip art to celebrate the season.
Engaging Students From Day One
Thanksgiving Crafts
Decorate your classroom and your studentsí Thanksgiving tables with these colorful crafts.
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