Back to School

Getting back in the academic saddle is a family effort as you stock supplies, organize, and prepare for the busy year ahead.
Nov 28, 2012



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Nov 28, 2012
  1. Return to a routine. At least a week before school starts, return to the wake-up time, bedtime, and meal times you normally follow during the school year. Be ready in the kitchen by stockpiling quick, healthy snack and dinner recipes.
  2. Get your house ready. Dedicate an area for homework that is comfortable, tidy, and well-stocked with lots of age-specific supplies. Designate an area on the counter in which your child can put school notes and notices. Hang a calendar and lunch menus on the refrigerator and special hooks for backpacks near the door.
  3. Look at your calendar now. Pencil in plans to get involved at your child’s school — the rewards are immeasurable. Before your schedule fills up, talk to the teacher, principal, PTA president, or librarian, and find out what kinds of periodic assistance they need. Perhaps you can write a newsletter, take home and sort a few folders, or shelve books once a month.
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