Great Gifts for Teachers

Teachers shared the presents that mean the most. Get ready to warm hearts for National Teacher Day (May 7) or the end of the school year.
By Keren Perles
Apr 24, 2013



Apr 24, 2013

Gift cards: Bump up the personal touch by slipping the card inside a scrapbook or attaching it to a box of homemade cookies.

Supplies: Many teachers shell out their own money for classroom necessities like crayons and tissues. Ask your child’s teacher what she needs for this year (or next) and stock up.

Framed photos of the class, of a field trip, of your child alongside his teacher.

A note from your child: Give your kiddo some prompts to start him off: “Thank you for always being so . . .” or “I really like it when you . . .” A preschooler can draw a picture and dictate his thoughts to you.

Positive feedback: Write to the principal, praising the teacher’s specific qualities in a letter. Then include a copy when you send the teacher a thank-you note.

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