Today From Bedtime Math: Trevi Treasure Trove

How much money does the world&s most famous fountain collect? Find out in this fun challenge from Bedtime Math!
By Laura Overdeck
Jun 16, 2015



Jun 16, 2015

The Trevi Fountain in Rome, a giant statue of marble men and horses swimming in rushing water, is the biggest fountain in the famous city. This isn't just a little angel statue: the fountain stretches 161 feet across and stands 86 feet tall! The legend is that people who throw coins into the fountain will have a safe return to Rome again in the future – but you have to throw the coin over your left shoulder using your right hand. People seem happy to do this, since the fountain collects over $3,000 in coins every day! As with most fountains, the coins are collected and used to buy food and clothing for people in need.

Now see if you and your kids can find out how much money those marble men and mares round up each year.

Wee ones: If you and 3 friends each throw a coin in the fountain, how many coins do you throw?

Little kids: If the marble statues include 3 men and 2 horses, how many statues are in the fountain?  Bonus: How many legs do they all have together?

Big kids: If the fountain caught exactly $3,000 of money per day, how much would it catch in a week? (Hint if needed: you can add and multiply "thousands" the way you add apples, cookies or anything else.)  Bonus: About how long does it take the fountain to catch $100,000 — a month, a year, longer?
Wee ones: 4 coins.
Little kids: 5 statues.  Bonus: 14 legs (6 on the people, 8 on the horses).
Big kids: $21,000.  Bonus: About a month — it will take just over 33 days, which would be $99,000.

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