A New Year of Fun, Games, and Music That Teach Healthy Eating to Kids!

Check out these yummy resources that&ll have your kids learning about health and nutrition all year long!
By Maggie McGuire
Jan 11, 2014



Jan 11, 2014

Still kicking off New Year's resolutions with your kids and family? I know I am. And, as I'm still crafting the short list (gotta keep it realistic), eating healthy and educating my kids about nutrition and how to make healthy choices continue to be at the top of my list. While health and wellness topics are sometimes covered in the school curriculum, healthy eating habits and knowledge about living a healthy lifestyle definitely start at home. With that, I'm always looking for new ways and resources that help me educate my kids to independently make healthy eating choices, learn about nutrition, and live a healthy lifestyle. I recently learned about a new game app and some really YUMMY resources that will help support efforts to teach kids about nutritious food choices and healthy eating from yummicoI think they are a great way to engage your littlest ones in thinking about what they eat and learning to love healthy foods.

1. Play the game: Yummiloo Rainbow Power App

Yummiloo is an app for preschool aged kids aimed at fostering a lifetime of healthy eating, featuring a band of merry food adventurers, the Yum Yums (I LOVE the Yum Yums!!). In the game, kids join the Yum Yums as they head to their annual carnival. But the Rainbow Machine that powers the carnival is empty, and kids have to harvest as many different colored foods as possible to get the Yummiloo carnival working again! The characters and Yummiloo world are adorable, and as kids navigate the world and power up the carnival, they learn the basics of food identification and nutrition and learn all about the importance of eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. You can find the Yummiloo Rainbow Power app here, and it's available for a FREE from Jan. 10th – Jan. 16th in the iOs app store.  

2. Dance to the music and video: 

You can download the full Yummiloo song, Yummiloo Hooray here, the Yummiloo Dance Mix (great for staying fit!) here and the irresistible Yummiloo Yum Yum ringtone on iTunes here, all at 99 cents!  Your kids will love singing and dancing along – and will be learning about great foods that will help keep them fit and healthy as they jam.

3. Think, draw, create, and make: 

Check out yummico's free printable activity sheets that offer challenges, coloring pages, and even a smoothie recipe that encourage healthy eating. You can find these at yummico.com. These are great activities to do together with your little ones at home.

I hope you and your kids have as much fun playing and singing along with the Yum Yums as I did, and that your kids will be inspired to bite into a rainbow of healthy foods the next time they snack. I know I will! 

Here's to a happy, healthy New Year!

How do you teach your kids about nutrition and health?  Share your thoughts on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page and let's continue the conversation.

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