Maker Storage Solutions

Here are some tips, tricks, and storage solutions to benefit any maker space.
By Kevin Goodwin
Mar 05, 2014



Maker Storage Solutions

Mar 05, 2014

When you are creating a maker space for your child -- whether in your home, library, garage, etc. -- you'll need to address how you'll store tools and materials.  Finding space to fit, and see, your stuff is an extremely important aspect of having a creative space.  In addition, you want the space to be safe, organized and most of all, fun.

Here are some tips, tricks and storage solutions to benefit any maker space:

1. Visibility Is Important
How do you know what tools and materials you have to create with if they are tucked away in a closet or drawer?  Clear containers are key -- they not only let you see what you have, which can give you inspiration and help your creativity, but they let you see what your child is running out of and help you keep track of inventory.

2. Variety Is Key
You will likely need clear containers in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Tools like sewing needles only need a small container, while supplies like yarn require a larger container.  

This container was made out of an old speaker.     

This container is a plastic fish bowl.

These small, magnet dishes are great for small tools and materials.  

Clear jars help you see your materials.

3. Not Everything Can Fit in a Pickle Jar
Large bins can help you and your child handle lots of material in a neat and tidy way.  You can have a bin for wood, a bin for cardboard tubes, a bin for fabric, etc.  To add to the level of organization in your kid maker space, it's important to label the bins.  A label maker is a great helper, or you can glue pieces of dry-erase board onto each bin to label your materials.  Then you can change the label depending on the materials and tools you have on hand.  


4. Get Creative
There are many ways to repurpose objects into maker storage solutions.  Old bread baking tins are great for storing and sorting materials and tools for a specific activity.  A paint brush holder can hold many other tools besides paint brushes.  Spooled material can be stored on a hanging bar. Your child's specific maker space may allow for even more creative solutions.  

Finally, if you accept donations of materials, remember to have storage bins to keep these materials until you have time to sort them.


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