Make Your Own Foam Stamp

Help your child make easy and creative stamps at home.
By Meghan Burch
Oct 29, 2014



Oct 29, 2014

Printmaking is a fun, open-ended process for image-making. Stamping is a very kinesthetically satisfying and approachable form of printmaking, so it's a great fit for many of our projects in the Art Studio and at home. In one of our Every Day Art Projects, we offered our guests at The Carle a chance to make their own stamps. You can easily make stamps like we used in the studio at home.

In the studio, guests started by cutting shapes out of  2"x2" rectangles of sticky-backed craft foam and then arranging the shapes in a single layer on a small rectangle of polystyrene (like meat tray) foam.

Names and initials were a popular design. E made one with her initials that she was happy with, even though the E's read backwards. For her second stamp she wanted to make her entire first name. Together we talked about how to cut and arrange the letters so they would read correctly when stamped.

Some guests chose to leave their stamps behind for others to use. We displayed a selection of them on our front wall to inspire our guests' designs.

If you don't have any foam at home you can use interesting or discarded objects as stamps.  Check out Diana's great stamping/printing ideas here and here. You'll also want to visit my post Make Your Own Stamp Pads to learn how easy it is to make stamp pads at home or for an entire classroom.

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