Make Math Fun With a DIY Dry Erase Board

Making a dry erase board is easy! Here are five ways your child can use one to practice math at home.
By Jennifer Hogan
Sep 15, 2017



Sep 15, 2017

Want to make math homework more fun and engaging for your child? Make your own dry erase board to make worksheets exciting and scrap paper more interactive. Creating the dry erase boards is easy and inexpensive. As a teacher, I use these in my math class every day to help my students play math games, complete worksheets, and practice math facts. 

What You'll Need

  • Plastic sheet protectors (I prefer the heavy-duty ones, but any kind will work) 
  • Dry erase markers
  • An eraser (or paper towels) 

5 Ways to Use Your DIY Dry Erase Board

Once you have the plastic sheet protectors, you can put anything inside them to create a flexible, interactive dry erase board: math printables, blank paper, etc. Here are five options. 

Option 1: Use a blank piece of paper to have a clean, whiteboard to solve problems or use as scrap paper.

Option 2: Insert lined or graph paper into the sheet protector to help your child line up numbers or practice writing answers neatly. 


Option 3: Make worksheets reusable. Since your child can complete a worksheet without writing on the paper, she can use the worksheet to practice again and again and again! 

Option 4: Practice math facts over and over by completing timed tests. 

Option 5: Create a math binder full of different activities so your child can choose which activity she wants to complete. 

You can also try adding this tool to your child’s nightly homework ritual for extra practice. You will certainly find that children of any age love to use dry erase boards and markers! 

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