Kid Maker Tool Interview: Tape

Turn your child on to the world of making things with these fun facts about an everyday material: tape.
By Kevin Goodwin
Feb 05, 2014



Feb 05, 2014

Is your child a kid maker? Does he or she love to make things with everyday items? Then, your child will love sharing these fun facts about tape from our friends at The MAKESHOP Show.


Please state your name.

Tape.  Masking tape.


I, like many people, prefer tape over glue as an adhesive.  Why do you think that is true?

I think people enjoy tape so much because I am easy to use.  I am not permanent so I am great to test things out.  If you make a mistake, it doesn't bother me.  Just tear me off and try again.  Also, I don't leave too much of a mess.


When were you born?

My ancestors date back to the Roaring Twenties. 1923, to be exact.


What is your favorite job?

I love to fix things.  I am great at holding things together.  If you need a quick repair, I'm your tool.


What do you dislike about the jobs you do?

Becoming a wrinkled mess.


Lastly, if you could be any superhero who would you be?

Definitely Batman, he is so versatile when it comes to any problem.  I would like to think that I am as versatile of a material as Batman is a superhero.  I bet that Batman has at least one roll of tape on his utility belt at all times.


Batman is a creation Bob Kane and DC Comics.

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