Have a Fun and Active Father's Day

Here are some ideas to give Dad a fun, active day with the family.
By Michael Rhattigan
Jun 19, 2015
Have a Fun and Active Father's Day

Jun 19, 2015

Sunday is Father's Day. While different holidays are big, I think Father's Day is the day that dads most want to spend time playing with their kids. Dads want to interact and want to hear (or just "know," depending on the kids' ages) that they're loved. With that said, I think most dads would prefer to have Father's Day served up on a platter, rather than organize and schedule events on their special day. Depending on your kids' ages, you may want to include them in planning Dad's special day by asking for their ideas on how to make Dad's day a day to remember.  

Here are 9 ideas to give Dad a fun, active day with the family:

  1. Play a sport -- Play one-on-one basketball with Dad, go to a batting cage or local field and throw the baseball around, practice kicking soccer balls into the net, or do running drills with Dad
  2. Go for a hike -- A fun activity that also provides a great opportunity for talking.
  3. Run a race or go for a jog together -- It's a great way to participate in something together and get a joint sense of accomplishment, particularly if you are running for a specific cause that your family supports.
  4. Go for a bike ride together -- If some of the kids are too young for bikes, break out the wagons or tricycles.
  5. Play tag or hide-and-seek -- Outdoor games that get the entire family running and laughing together.
  6. Go swimming or spend the day at the beach/lake -- The whole family can go kayaking/canoeing, look for shells around the beach, bury Dad in the sand, build sandcastles, throw the Frisbee around, or play beach volleyball.
  7. Miniature golf -- Organize a family tournament.
  8. Go fishing -- A good chance to ask Dad about his childhood and have him share stories of growing up.
  9. Plan a scavenger hunt around the house or in the yard for Dad -- Have the kids help plant the clues and cheer on Dad as he gets closer to the end of the hunt. Make sure they have a fun (or funny) prize ready for him at the end.

The goal with all of these activities is to provide a little personal time with Dad, where everyone can have fun and talk. It's also a great way to get the kids involved in setting the schedule and planning the details. This isn't the time to sit silently in a dark movie theater together (unless that actually happens to be Dad's favorite activity, but even then it would be great to mix some interactive events into the day).

And if bad weather threatens or you're simply looking for more activities to fill the day, take Dad on a virtual field trip with Adventure to Fitness. Dad (and Mom) can take a journey around the world or back in time with the kids, running, jumping, and learning new facts. Then the entire family can do some of the fun activities that accompany the episodes. The kids can also put on a talent show for Dad, bringing him "on stage" as the magician's assistant or dance partner.

Whatever your family chooses, don't forget the camera or smartphone!  These are the days that everyone will remember for years and years.

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