Get Kids Writing With This Clever Printable

Does your child have trouble writing a lot on a topic? This snowflake printable will help unlock her ideas.
By Bekki Lindner
Jan 10, 2016



Little Girl Doing Homework; Portrait --- Image by © Comstock Select/Corbis

Jan 10, 2016

Young writers often struggle to add details to their writing. Many kids find themselves “stuck” after one or two sentences about a topic. Sometimes, a simple graphic organizer can help kids unlock their ideas. Once a child discovers he/she has more to say about a topic, setting out to write their paper or paragraph can seem much less daunting.

This simple snowflake printable can help kids organize their thoughts and develop details for their writing.

Have your child select a topic or main idea they’d like to write about, then encourage him/her to think of 8 details centered around that topic. Details can include key features, describing words, favorites, memories, sensory experiences, etc. For example, the main idea of a trip to a theme park could include your child’s favorite attractions, things they ate, things they saw, how they felt while there, etc.

Have fun and happy writing!

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