Displaying Art Materials for All Ages

Find out the best way to organize your child&s art materials in various sized baskets.
By Diana MacKenzie
Jan 28, 2015



Jan 28, 2015

One of the often overlooked details of successful arts and crafts projects is figuring out the best way to organize your kids’ art materials. Using baskets is a great way to go. Here’s how we suggest approaching it for your home.

Have your kids design some fun new labels to organize their supplies. We use brass fasteners instead of tape to stick the cardstock labels to each basket. We prefer to use brads instead of tape or glue so the baskets don't get as sticky over time.

The photos below show some of the basic steps your kids can use for labeling and organizing their baskets.

Step 1: Stick the label to a precut piece of cardstock that fits snugly on one side of the basket.

Step 2: Use a bookmakers awl or another sharp tool to make a hole where you want your brass fastener to go.

Step 3. Secure the fasteners to the back of the basket and add the materials.

For wet or messy art materials we even laminate the labels to make them last longer. When the labels are not in use we store them in drawers by category, then they're easy to find the next time we want to reuse them.

Step 4: If you want, add a small photo next to the words for our non-reading guests. That way children can help clean up by matching the pictures. Since we use a lot of paper for our activities we try and change up how we prepare and display them on the trays. Sometimes we organize it by shape (triangles, squares, or rectangles for instance).

Other times the labels are more general, like "drawing tools" and "collage papers" so we can reuse the same labels for future projects.

How do you organize the art supplies in your classroom or at home for children? Share your suggestions on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page.

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