Building Perseverance and Problem Solving, Part 3

Teach your child perseverance and problem solving with these two brain teasers.
By Jennifer Hogan
Sep 29, 2015



Sep 29, 2015

I hope these brain twisters are keeping you and your little ones busy.  Remember to reinforce the importance of not giving up and learning from each mistake they make.  Math is not always fast!  We want to see children persevering and problem solving in many different ways, no matter their age.  Encourage them to create their own problems and try them out on you or their teachers.  It is very empowering to trick mom and dad!  Feel free to share!

Devil’s Dice
Using 4 dice, arrange the dice in a straight line so that on each of the four long sides you can see one die with one dot, one die with 2 dots, one with 3 dots, and one with 4 dots (not necessarily in that order). 

Penny Puzzle
Set up the pennies (or circles) like this:

Tell your child: By moving only three pennies, make the arrow point down!

Good luck!



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