Building Perseverance and Problem Solving: Part 1

Try these activities at home to develop your child&s perseverance.
By Jennifer Hogan
Aug 18, 2015



Building Perseverance and Problem Solving: Part 1

Aug 18, 2015

I travel all over the state working with math teachers and the one thing I hear over and over again is how difficult problem solving is for our children.  Students don't know how to approach problems on their own and they tend to give up easily.  Teachers are always asking what they can do to help remedy this problem, and I believe it comes down to persistence.   

Nowadays, students want answers immediately and expect everything to be done in an instant.  I believe it is our job to create opportunities for children to work on problems that take longer and require them to work out problems in different ways.  Sticking with something and trying it over and over again is going to provide children with the skills they need to problem solve and persevere.  

These are some activities you can do at home to develop your child's perseverance:



Magic Squares or Circles

Logic puzzles


Six-Stick Trick

Use 6 toothpicks or straws to make 8 equilateral triangles. The triangles may be different sizes. 

Magic Square

Insert the digits 1–9 in the circles so that the sum of any straight line (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) equals 15.

Over my next few blogs I will be providing different perseverance and problem solving activities for you and your children to try. Good luck and don't give up!


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