BE BIG During National Volunteer Week!

Learn 10 Clifford-inspired ways to get involved (and BE BIG!) during National Volunteer Week.
Apr 22, 2013



BE BIG During National Volunteer Week!

Apr 22, 2013

Today kicks off National Volunteer Week, which is the perfect opportunity to introduce your family to the importance of service to others.  And here at Scholastic we can think of no BIGGER inspiration to do BIG things than our very own Clifford The Big Red Dog. Clifford has been inspiring us to be better citizens with his 10 BIG ideas (Share, Play Fair, Have Respect, Be Kind, Work Together, Be Responsible, Be Truthful, Be A Good Friend, Help Others and Believe in Yourself) for over 50 years!  Being BIG is about being big-hearted; it's about having a big spirit. Being BIG is something we should all do more often.

There are lots of ways to get involved this week in your local community,  but to get you started we’ve provided a little inspiration that can make a BIG impact!

1. SHARE: Have your children choose some toys they no longer play with and donate them to a hospital or shelter.

2. PLAY FAIR: Visit a local nursing home and have your children play board games (fairly!) with residents.  Your kids will provide companionship to those who may not have many visitors, and learn how to play some great games in the process.

3. HAVE RESPECT: Teach your kids to show respect for veterans who serve our country.

4. WORK TOGETHER: Organize or contribute to a canned food drive with your child.  When everyone puts in a little bit together you will have a lot of food to donate!

5. BE RESPONSIBLE: Volunteer your kids to help plant new seeds or trees in a community garden; what a lasting impact this could have.

6. BE TRUTHFUL: With your child, commit to giving a gift or baking some cookies for a local drive to benefit the needy; then make sure you follow through with your promise.

7. BE KIND: Together, help cook or serve a meal at a local homeless shelter or food bank.

8. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: Encourage your children to tutor a friend or classmate who is struggling in a particular subject. Your kids will reinforce their own knowledge while helping others to believe in themselves!

9. BE A GOOD FRIEND: Adopt a “grandfriend” at a nursing home and make regularly scheduled visits just to offer company. You and your child can both share friendship with those who might need a good friend.

10. HELP OTHERS: Encourage older children to rake leaves, clean the gutter, or wash windows for a senior citizen.

Let’s keep this conversation going. Do you or your kids have a BIG idea on how to help your community? Put it into action this week or let Scholastic know by entering Clifford’s BE BIG In Your Community Contest. Remember, it only takes a little to BE BIG!

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