Art at Your Fingertips

Kids can get their hands (and fingers) dirty with these awesome coloring books.
By Amy Kraft
Feb 08, 2013



Feb 08, 2013

I love don’t-call-me-coloring-books books that inspire kids to think artistically. (See also: these other posts.) Here are two books that are full of great ideas.

Let’s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art by Marion Deuchars

Grab a stamp pad and get your fingers dirty. Included in this book are some activities that you might expect, like making fingerprints into faces or adding a bunch of fingerprints to a tree to make fall leaves. But it’s also full of ideas that you wouldn’t, like using stencils with your fingerprints to make patterned shapes. Even something so simple as a fingerprint triangle is a lovely form. There are also project ideas for using the prints of other things, like the sides of some of your recycled trash to make all different kinds of lines and shapes.



Pick Up Your Pen: The Art of Handwriting by Monica Dengo

This is the perfect primer for future designers, and as an added bonus, kids can get some handwriting practice. Each letter of the alphabet gets a couple of spreads in the book, with handwriting lines to practice penmanship of the upper and lower case letters. Then there’s plenty of room to think about how letters can take on new designs and become art elements. Maybe after kids spend time making beautiful letters of their own, they’ll start to appreciate great graphic design.

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