Animals in Motion

Your child&s creativity will roam with this fun craft project.
By Diana MacKenzie
Apr 01, 2015



Apr 01, 2015

Recently in The Studio we invited guests to experiment with making moveable animal puppets. We used chopsticks, coffee stirrers, cardstock paper, wire, yarn, and lots of fun furry and feathery materials.

This family made birds and a hopping rabbit! Below is a beautiful pair of galloping horses by two sisters.

After cutting out your animal shapes and decorating them with fabric, paper and drawings, we used hole punches and string to make moving arms or legs. Connect the animal to a chopstick handle with wire or string. Or, tape a chopstick to the back of the animal's body.

Some guests made a pair of friendly giraffes marching side by side...

One slithery, bejeweled snake...

...and a few more feathery friends.

I hope you and your child try to make moving animal puppets of your favorite animals!


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