Summer Boredom-Busters From Klutz

Discover creative ways to keep your kids busy this summer.
May 20, 2019

In the dog days of summer, when school is a memory and spending the day at the pool or beach has lost some of its thrill, your kids may be chanting two of your least-favorite words: I’m bored.

That’s why Scholastic Parents Senior Editorial Director Serena Kappes and her daughter, Aria, sat down recently with Klutz Editorial Director Caitlin Harpin to learn more about boredom-busting summer crafts for kids.

Whether your elementary school is stuck inside on a rainy bay, a blisteringly hot day, or just needs a break from outdoor activity, these craft kits provide hands-on fun and learning and will keep them entertained for hours.

Check out the Klutz craft kits featured below, and watch our Facebook live demonstration in case you missed our live chat!

Klutz Kits