13 Fun, Educational Gifts for Kids

Looking to cut down on your child&s screen time? These education and fun! gift ideas will do the trick.
By Michael Rhattigan
Dec 08, 2017



Dec 08, 2017

Editor's note: This post was originally published on December 4, 2015.

December and the holiday season are officially upon us! Like most parents, you’re probably scrambling to get all your work done while planning for the holidays, thanking the teachers, and, of course, looking for a few gifts for your kids. To help you save time on shopping and spend more time with your family, here are some healthy and educational gift ideas for your kids.

Nowadays, many savvy parents are trying to cut back on “unhealthy screen time.” So do the same for your kids! Focus on gifts that can promote learning, creativity, innovation, and movement. You’ll give them a much-needed break from sitting slack-jawed in front of all those screens. You’ll also be fostering life-long skills and a curiosity for learning. Plus, these types of gifts are great for the holidays because it’s important to keep your kids’ minds and bodies active while they’re on winter break and at home on snow days!

Books/Coloring Pages

  • Serengeti Stampede Set: Do your children want to travel? Let them go on an adventure to explore the Serengeti! As they color, practice their reading skills, and learn facts about the desert and its animals, they’ll also be challenged to get up and move during “Activity Breaks” with the accompanying kids’ exercise DVD!
  • Let’s Color America: This giant coloring page gets your kids (and you?!) coloring “on” the wall, while learning the geography and facts of the USA.
  • Dr. Seuss Collection: Practice reading skills by introducing your child to the Dr. Seuss classics.
  • Dr. Seuss Staying Healthy Book: Follow your favorite Dr. Seuss characters on a journey about staying healthy.
  • The Busy Body Book: Your kids will not only practice reading, but also learn how the body works during movement. It fosters a love for active living!
  • Storyworks Magazine Subscription: Your older kids (grades 3-6) will be thrilled to get their very own (educational) magazine in the mail every month.

Educational Toys

  • Radio Flyer Scooters: Your kids can develop balance while having fun and staying physically active. Plus, they’ll be able to keep up with you during those winter walks! (Just be careful of any ice or snow.)
  • 3-D Building Puzzle Toy: Promote STEM thinking as your child’s imagination and creations go beyond traditional building blocks.
  • Engineering for Girls: Get your daughters and nieces developing their problem solving and engineering skills with this toy + book set.
  • Scientific Explorer Kit: Let your little scientists discover the wonder of science through exciting chemical reactions.
  • Math On-the-Go: Do your kids need a fun way to refresh basic math skills? This is it. It’s like Scrabble, but with arithmetic!
  • Magnetic Writing: Let your little ones learn and practice letters with this magnetic board.
  • Adventure to Fitness: If you do want to incorporate some healthy screen time, this is an option that will get them learning and moving as they travel throughout history and around the world!
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