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Activities & Projects for the Springtime

Activities & Projects for the Springtime

Spend time with your family this spring: we've got ideas for rainy day projects and outdoor activities.

Soak Up the Sun

Get out and soak up the spring season with your children.
Easy ways to prepare for spring allergies.

Springtime Activities: Occupy Rainy Days

Spring Reads

Introduce the new season with these wonderful (and sometimes all wet!) books for beginners.
Kick off the Spring season with these wonderful tales of adorable bunnies.
Celebrate the season by checking out these spring-themed titles.
Celebrate spring with these outdoor-themed books.
Springtime seek and find books are a fun way to motivate your little reader to learn.
Warm days are the perfect time to curl up under a shady tree with your pre-reader and one of these sunny picture books!

Springtime Snacks & Recipes

Head out into the warm spring breeze for a colorful feast.
Lively vegetarian dishes celebrate spring.
Spring is the perfect time for you and your child to get cracking on an egg-stravaganza of tasty recipes!
As the temperature drops, the urge to snack rises. Keep this healthy recipe on hand.
From bright red tomatoes to sunny yellow peppers, making meals more vibrant boosts kids' health. Celebrity chef Ellie Krieger shares her menu.
Try this recipe based on Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are.
Have-it-your-way yogurt snacks.
Try this recipe based on Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are.

Find Just-Right Books