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Springtime Stories for Beginning Readers

Introduce the new season with these wonderful (and sometimes all wet!) books for beginners.
Cover image for Adios Oscar!: A Butterfly Fable
Adios Oscar!: A Butterfly Fable
by Peter Elwell Illustrated by Peter Elwell

When Oscar the caterpillar discovers that he will one day become a butterfly, he's overjoyed. And his friend Edna the bookworm encourages his hopes of flying to Mexico with the other Monarch butterflies. To prepare, Oscar learns Spanish and dreams of flying through the purple Sierra Madre Mountains.

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Cover image for Spring Thaw
Spring Thaw
by Steven Schnur Illustrated by Stacey Schuett
This award-winning book uses lovely illustrations to show the changes that take place on a farm when spring arrives.
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Cover image for Spring's Sprung
Spring's Sprung
by Lynn Plourde Illustrated by Greg Couch

Mother Earth rouses her
daughters — March,
April, and May.
You must wake the
world to start a new day.

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Cover image for Possum and the Peeper
Possum and the Peeper
by Anne Hunter Illustrated by Anne Hunter
Peep Peep Peep Possum opened one small eye. What was that noise? One by one, sleeping animals reluctantly awake to a peeping racket. Snug and warm in the midst of his winter's nap, Possum is roused by a small peep, peep, peep.
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Cover image for Poppleton in Spring
Poppleton in Spring
Series: Poppleton, Book #5
by Cynthia Rylant Illustrated by Mark Teague

Poppleton loves everything about spring and makes grand plans for cleaning, bicycle shopping, and sleeping in a tent.

Praise for Poppleton in Spring

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Cover image for North Country Spring
North Country Spring
by Reeve Lindbergh Illustrated by Liz Sivertson

The running of rivers, the wild geese returning, the bear cubs stepping out, and the peepers singing — this is the arrival of spring in the north country. Join all manner of north country animals as they respond in their own unique ways to the slow vanishing of the cold, dark winter.

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Cover image for Jack's Garden
Jack's Garden
by Henry Cole Illustrated by Henry Cole

The plants, insects, birds, and other contents of Jack's gardens are described in this cumulative story.  The names of the animals, plants, and tools in Jack's garden are included in a key on each page.

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Cover image for It's Spring!
It's Spring!
by Pamela Chanko , Samantha Berger Illustrated by Melissa Sweet

Berger and Chanko's breezy rhyming text and Sweet's charming watercolor illustrations tell a delightful story of adorable woodland animals spreading the news that spring has arrived in the forest. Full color.

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Cover image for How a Seed Grows
How a Seed Grows
by Helene J. Jordan Illustrated by Loretta Krupinski
Aprende y Descubre La Ciencia Có mo crece una semilla ¿ Có mo puede una pequeñ a bellota crecer hasta llegar a ser un gran roble? Este libro nos enseñ a los secretos de las semillas. Lé elo y aprenderá s a transformar un sobre de semillas en un precioso jardí n.
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Cover image for Henry and Mudge: The First Book
Henry and Mudge: The First Book
by Cynthia Rylant , Sucie Stevenson Illustrated by Sucie Stevenson

Henry, feeling lonely on a street without any other children, finds companionship and love in a big dog named Mudge.

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Cover image for Handsprings
by Douglas Florian Illustrated by Douglas Florian

What do you like about spring?

Longer days?
Blooming flowers?
April Fools'?
Cool spring showers?

What do you not like about spring?

Insect swarms?
Mud, mud, mud?

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Cover image for Growing Frogs
Growing Frogs
by Vivian French Illustrated by Alison Bartlett

"Part picture book for pleasure reading . . . and part practical how-to, this dramatic account is the next best thing to setting up a hatchery of your own."

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Cover image for From Tadpole to Frog
From Tadpole to Frog
by Wendy Pfeffer Illustrated by Holly Keller

Wendy Pfeffer describes the amazing metamorphosis from tiny, jellylike egg to little fishy tadpole to great big bullfrog. Holly Keller has created the archetypal frog pond and we see it through the seasons as the tadpoles grow legs and lungs and eventually hop onto land: bullfrogs at last.

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Cover image for From Caterpillar to Butterfly
From Caterpillar to Butterfly
by Deborah Heiligman Illustrated by Bari Weissman
Where did the caterpillar go? It seems to have disappeared, but it hasn't. It has turned into a butterfly! From the time a caterpillar first hatches, it eats so fast that it's skin can't keep up. It sheds its skin several times as it grows bigger and bigger.
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Cover image for Counting in the Garden
Counting in the Garden
by Kim Parker , Kim Mitzo Thompson Illustrated by Kim Parker

In this gorgeous counting book, readers can count from one to ten while they search among the colorful flowers for various creatures hidden among lush garden scenes. Full color.

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Caterpillars, Bugs, And Butterflies
by Mel Boring
Learn to identify butterflies, caterpillars, and moths with this fun field guide. Hands-on experiments and colorful pictures help teach the amazing process of metamorphosis.
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Cover image for The Boy Who Didn't Believe in Spring
The Boy Who Didn't Believe in Spring
by Lucille Clifton Illustrated by Brinton Turkle
King Shabazz and Tony Polito decide that they need to go out and find Spring around the corner. But how far do they go to find Spring, and how will they know when they have found it?
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