WordGirl s (M)Arch Enemy Week!

Guest Blogger
Mar 11, 2013
Dealing with some of your worst enemies all in one week might seem horrendous (adj, extremely unpleasant), detrimental (adj, tending to cause harm), and vexatious (adj, causing or tending to cause annoyance, frustration, or worry) …but for WordGirl, fighting villains all week long is, well, nothing extraordinary – and, sometimes, even fun! Scholastic’s definition dynamo, WordGirl (otherwise known as BeckyBotsford), is an inspiring superhero who uses the power of words to fight crime and save her city everyday! That is why we are so excited about “WordGirl’s (M)Arch Enemy Week” – five days of premiere episodes of the super-spectacular EMMY award winning show on PBS KIDS!, WordGirl! Viewers can watch as WordGirl takes on fan-favorite villains such as Dr. Two Brains, The Butcher, Chuck The Evil Sandwich Making Guy, and many more. Check out the sneak peek below! WordGirl is a true inspiration to children (and adults!) as she shows viewers that being smart is powerful. So, tune in all week to watch WordGirl use power punches and dictionary strength to defeat villains and enlighten kids about the power of words!