Why I still carry my library card at all times

Apr 15, 2013
Happy Monday and happy National Library Week! Such a perfect time to share why I love libraries, and I really do. More often than not, the book peeking out of my purse is checked out of the library. Friends and family sometimes wonder why I use the library so much because I’m busy, it can be seen as old-fashioned, and do they really have every book you want? I’m here to tell you, those three regular questions are main reasons I love the library and hope to goodness they never go away. As a busy woman, time is always fleeting. Always. It is a very common problem to have to figure out how to fit in friends, hobbies, relationships, work and just plain relaxing when you have so much going on. With all of that, the library is perfect for me. Here’s why: easy access and deadlines. Whenever a book idea crosses my way, finding out if the library has it is just a few clicks away in the online catalogue. And I can place a hold so the next time it is available, they set it aside for me and I swoop in during lunch and have a book in just a few minutes. To be fair, some times I have to wait awhile for the book to become available. But, I’m busy so it’s completely OK to not have the book right this second. Then I have the book, and there is a deadline to get it completely read. I can understand that sounding stressful, but I look at it like I HAVE to read it in a good way. If I don’t have a deadline, what else will convince me to take some time out of my day to get the book started and finished? Love it. Not to mention the library is budget-friendly and small apartment-friendly. Old-fashioned? Have you been in a library lately? They are increasingly high-tech. And I actually love the nostalgia I feel in libraries. When I was a kid, getting my library card meant I was growing up. And it really was one of the only places I had a true carte blanche as a little one. Any book I wanted (in the kids section) could come home with me. Lots of good memories. Plus, you have to appreciate a place that encourages the quiet. The world is so noisy. Yes, they have all the books I want. The brand new ones are there along with the oldertitles that I missed out on when they were popular or weren’t on my school list. There you have it, I love the library and this is my love letter in honor of National Library Week. I hope if anyone sees this post and has thought to themselves that libraries have past their prime, or heck haven’t even considered a library trip in the last year, thatthey realize it is a great place for the book lover/crazy busy adult. photo via Paul Lowry